Lathe: Body, Valve MachinedMac Machine prides itself in working with our customers at the development level to offer our expertise on the best way to manufacture a part.

The body valve was a case where the engineers were considering a casting. Mac Machine worked with them on print changes that would make the part well suited to a “Hog-Out”, drastically reducing the lead time and part cost.

Once qualified on the mill, we took the part to our HT40 lathe where we created the i.d. features critical to the “in-line” features that are so important to a butterfly housing, but we also created outside contour features and hogged away material to assist the final mill operation to reduce cycle time.


Body Value Housing (Hog Out)

Product Description

Part houses a rotaing butterfly valve

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Matsuura Mam72 63V 50 Taper Mill, HT40 Lathe

Tightest Tolerance

+/- .0002

Material Thickness

8.” Dia. X 4.2 Round Stock

Material Used

6061-T651 PER QQ-A-225/8

Material Finish


Secondary Operations Applied

Deburr, Tumble, Sand Blast, Assembly, Paint

Industry for Use



80 per year

Delivery Location


Standards Met


Design Work

Customer Spec


Standard Quality Procedures: part sampling per customer spec

Turn Around Time

16 Weeks

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Hitachi Seiki 40, Matsuura MAM72 63V 50 Taper