Over four decades ago, Mac Machine Company was founded for the purpose of providing high-quality precision components to the aerospace industry. While our focus has since expanded to include other industrial sectors, aerospace customers continue to turn to us for their precision components needs. One such case is outlined below.

The Problem

The customer required an aluminum cast housing with a .003-inch internal steel liner. However, the complexity of the requested part made it difficult for the customer to find a manufacturer with adequate machining experience and equipment to accommodate the over 90 machined tap holes, 92 helicoils with two hand-pressed bushings, and numerous plating treatments the cast part needed.

The Solution

Our longstanding reputation as a provider of high-quality aerospace components and ability to provide one-stop solutions recommended us to the customer. By turning to us for their housing assembly needs, the customer benefited from our years of aerospace industry experience and our state-of-the-art machining equipment, including a vertical lathe specifically purchased for this project to enhance our machining and manufacturing capabilities. Armed with these two qualities, our team was able to provide design and engineering assistance and successfully machine and assemble the pieces as per customer specifications.

The Result

The success of this project hinged on the experience of our team of experts. Many of our employees have extensive knowledge of and familiarity with machining and manufacturing components for use in industrial applications. Some employees have over four decades invested in the machining and manufacturing sector, and, collectively, our team boasts over 250 years of experience.

This experience allowed them to not only produce the housing assembly to the customer’s specifications but deliver the finished pieces to the California-based customer well within the initial lead time quoted (8 weeks as opposed to 14 weeks). In doing so, our team assured the customer of the quality of both our products and services.

Mac Machine Company: An Expert Manufacturer of Precision Aerospace Components

At Mac Machine Company, quality is our main focus. By providing quality products and services to our customers, we aim to design and deliver solutions that fully satisfy their manufacturing and machining needs. For additional information about our capabilities and how we serve the aerospace industry or to partner with us on your next project, contact us today. One of our expert team members is always ready and willing to address any questions or concerns.