Since 1976, Mac Machine Company has specialized in the development and production of highly sophisticated precision components. Our skill and expertise have enabled us to play a critical role in the fields of national defense, medical devices, and aerospace.

As part of Mac Machine Company’s commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products available in a cost-efficient manner, we continue to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing as an early adopter of technological advancements. Our team of skilled designers, engineers, and machine operators have built a reputation for versatility, innovative problem-solving skills, and proactive approaches in all operations.

The combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and our experienced team of professionals is the cornerstone of our company’s overall mission to provide superior efficiency and precision in the manufacturing of all parts and components.

The Problem

A customer contacted Mac Machine to design and manufacture a housing inlet for use in the Naval industry. The customer chose Mac Machine because of its reputation as a one-stop-shop capable of handling every aspect of a project from design stage to final production.

The specifications for the housing inlet required complex engineering of a large 22-inch diameter hog-out and the manufacturing of 52 precision fins. All parts needed to be fabricated within very tight tolerances. Mac Machine Company’s ability to assist with the design and engineering of the housing inlet and our ability to produce complex, intricate parts utilizing simultaneous 5-axis machining, made us an ideal manufacturer for this project.

The Solution

Our team of engineers assisted with the initial design phase, making recommendations regarding manufacturability and efficiency that enabled us to manufacture the part faster and easier. Using a CAD program, engineers designed and produced the housing inlet, including the precision manufacturing of the 52 fins, ensuring that specifications and tolerances of the aluminum part were met.

Mac Machine demonstrated the skill of our workforce, which has more than 250 years of combined experience and several individual employees with more than four decades in the industry.

The Result

We exceeded expectations, quoting a 30-week lead time and delivering the parts to the customer in 12 weeks. Mac Machine was one of the first suppliers to deliver a product for the entire program and received the Matsuura International 5-Axis Machining Competition Award for our work on this part.

Partner With Mac Machine Company For Your Project

At Mac Machine Company, we specialize in creating complex parts within tight tolerances for customers in demanding industries and applications. We offer a variety of CNC machining services, as well as wire EDM, welding, and assembly. To partner with Mac Machine Company on your next project, please contact us or request a quote.