This housing assembly holds circuit boards in the aerospace industry and presented a unique opportunity for our EDM department, bulk material removal while creating the card slots. In our preplanning stage we determined that by going on the 5 axis mill for two operations, establishing datum edges and cutting in some strategic locations we could then go to the EDM.

Using our new Makino U3 Heat EDM we not only finished the card slots but removed over 90% of the parts raw material weight at the same time.


Housing Assembly

Product Description

Part houses circuit boards for commercial aerospace industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Two Milling Operations, EDM Machine

Tightest Tolerance

+/- .0005

Material Thickness

4.0″ X 5.0″ X 11.75

Material Used

6061-T651 Aluminum

Material Finish


Secondary Operations Applied

Painting, Chemical Conversion Coating, Masking, Bushinngs, Electrical bonding, Heliciols

Industry for Use



50 pcs.

Delivery Time

12 weeks

Delivery Location

Tucson, AZ

Standards Met


Product Name

Housing Assembly

Project Scope

Manufacture and assemble housing


Standard Quality Procedures: part sampling per customer spec

Turn Around Time

12 Weeks

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Makino U3 Heat EDM Machine, 5-axis Matsuura Mam72 35V Milling Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

4.0″ X 5.0″ X 11.75