For more than four decades, Mac Machine Company has provided high-quality precision components. Initially concentrating on the aerospace industry, we eventually expanded our focus to accommodate the needs of the commercial aircraft, national defense, and medical sectors. In addition to our machining and assembly services, we also offer welding services to facilitate the delivery of fully finished parts and products to our customers.

Our Welding Capabilities

Our manufacturing facility is fully stocked with the tools and machines necessary to help us meet a wide range of welding needs. Armed with this equipment and decades of industry experience, our expert team produces high-quality welds without customers having to worry about selecting or sourcing appropriate welding equipment.

Our welding capabilities include:

  • Arc welding: a welding process that generates and employs an electric arc to heat, melt, and join materials
  • Brazing: a welding process that melts filler material to join metal pieces with higher melting points
  • Electron beam (EB) welding: a fusion welding process that generates, accelerates, and focuses electrons into a high-velocity stream to heat, melt, and join two or more pieces
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding: a welding process, also referred to as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), that generates an arc between the workpiece and a non-consumable electrode made from tungsten to form welded joints

With these services, we accommodate both aluminum and steel materials.

Applications of Welded Products

Welded products find use in a wide range of industrial applications. Their strength and durability make them well-suited for use in some of the harshest environmental and operating conditions.

Many well-known brands—such as Raytheon, Zimmer, and Honeywell—turn to us for our quality welding services. Our welding capabilities often contribute to the manufacture of the following components:

  • Welded instruments used in precision medical surgical applications
  • Military and defense equipment, such as the F-35 Lockheed Martin (in conjunction with Honeywell) Joint Strike Fighter aircraft
  • Pressure-tested cold plate assemblies

High-Quality Welding Services From Mac Machine Company

At Mac Machine, quality is our main focus. Regardless of whether a customer approaches us for welding, machining, or assembly services, we make it our mission to ensure every product and process they encounter meets our high quality standards. In doing so, we aim to meet and/or exceed their expectations, resulting in customer satisfaction and leading to long-term business partnerships.

Our commitment to quality is reflected by our:

  • NADCAP certification (for welding operations)
  • ISO 9001:2015 and SAE AS9100 Rev. D certifications
  • Stringent quality control protocols, including sampling, part inspection, and records reporting

For additional information about our welding services or to partner with us on your next project, contact us today. Our seasoned staff is always prepared to field any questions or concerns.

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